Exeter CWA Branch

Pride in Our Past,,,,, Faith in Our Future

And so to the day! Well the day before really...
With over 12 months hard work, we finally made it to the day but even before we could open the doors there was a lot of preparation.

Here are just some of the photos that show the work and effort put in by a great team to make the day the success that it was.

One of the Hall Team Members bring in yet another load of cozies for display - remember there were almost 400!





The floristry team creating what can only be described as the most fantastic arrangements in the

entrance to the hall - these were works of art in themselves.

This is the Australiana Section of the display - a real touch of Australia and the country!








The display pretty close to be finished and it shows just some of the 400 cozies we need to display and sell on Saturday.

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    "The Country Womens Association of New South Wales is calling for increased publicity to ensure women within the 40 to 49 age bracket are aware they can obtain a free mammogram – upon request"

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